Saturday, April 1, 2017

Surface Wars: Surface Pro 3 vs. Surface Pro 4 #Benchmark Test

When I got my new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 something occurred to me - it's newer than the Pro 3 but my Surface Pro 3 has an Intel i7 processor and my Pro 4 has an i5. With the Pro 4 being newer and better and all that I wondered which was actually the better performer. They both have 8 GB of RAM so that's the same. Both Surfaces are also running the latest version of Windows 10.

Surface Pro 3 i7 vs Surface Pro 4 i5

 I decided to put them both through Nova Bench's benchmark test which tests processor, RAM, video and HDD performance.

Surface Pro 3 specs: Intel Core i7-4650U CPU @ 1.70 GHz 2.30 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 5000

Surface Pro 4 specs:
Intel Core i5-6300U CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.50 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 520

 Here is the video of the benchmark test. Surface Wars!

 While both systems performed well the winner was...drum roll..... the Surface Pro 4.

Note: In the video the scores were initially lower because Bandicam was running on each device to capture the test results. Each Surface scored higher when Bandicam was turned off. You want to run benchmark tests without any other applications running.

Final scores: Surface Pro 3 (710) Surface Pro 4 (795)

Microsoft touted that the new Surface Pro 4 was bigger errrr (thinner) lighter, FASTER, stronger and they were right. I also like the new keyboard better too.

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