Sunday, March 19, 2017

Top Ten Minecraft Games! #Gaming

Here are the top ten Minecraft games. If you haven't heard of Mineplex now you know. I also made a video showing you these games in action (watch below).

10. Wizards: You'll love this game especially if you like Harry Potter.

9. Speed Build: Recreated a build from memory. Can you cheat and look at other players builds? There's only one way to find out.

8. Super Smash Mobs: In this game you are a mob. Take down other players using your abilities.

7. Dragon Escape: Escape Douglas the Dragon while doing parkour.

6. Team Domination: In this game there are two different teams. Red Team and Blue Team.

5. Capture the Flag: Capture the flag.

4. Skywars: This is a fun game! Battle and battles! Battle against other players until there is one winner.

3. Minestrike: CS:GO In Minecraft.

2. Draw my thing: Pictionary in Minecraft.

1. Team Death Match: It's just like it sounds. Watch my video and see it in action.

Top 10 Minecraft Games [Video]

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