Friday, March 10, 2017

The NFL Free Agency Craze #Football

I don't know about you but the NFL free agency period is fun to monitor especially when players are unexpectedly cut or traded or signed to obscene deals. With the draft over a month away and actual football 5 months away - free agency is the only excitement we get this time of year.

How about that Brock Osweiller trade??? Did anyone see that coming? So far it appears to be a win-win deal for the Texans and smart move by the BROWNS! The Browns get that 2nd round pick which gives them a boat load of picks the next two years and they can try and re-trade Osweiller or keep him. If they keep him I'm sure they'd like him to restructure his deal but they don't have much at QB so they might end up needing him.

Jay Cutler - cut.
Brandon Marshall - cut and signed by the Giants.
DeSean Jackson signed with the Bucs.
Ronald Leary signed with Denver.
Mike Glennon signed with the Bears.
Pierre Garcon signed with the 49'ers.
Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson still out there.

Jerry Jones not releasing Tony Romo like the Cowboys said they would!! Jerry wants to get something in return for losing his paisan. Can you blame him? Denver and Houston say they won't trade and will likely force Romo's release but who knows! That's the beauty of all this.

How do you not love this stuff?

How bout them Patriots? Loses TE Martellus Bennett - trades for Dwayne Allen. Loses Logan Ryan - signs Stephon Gilmore. Patriots retain Alan Branch and are apparently in possible trade talks with the Saints (Butler for Cooks) and several teams are reportedly interested in Jimmy Garapollo. A lot going on in New England. Now just sign Hightower!!

Where will Jay Cutler end up? Where will Jamaal and Adrian go? Stay tuned.

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