Friday, March 24, 2017

How To Remove A Security Tag: Tom Brady Jersey

In my video below I will show you an easy way to remove a security tag from clothing. I bought a  Tom Brady jersey one time and when I got home I realized the security tag was still on it. NO this is not a stolen jersey!

How To Remove Clothing Security Tag With EASE

See how easy it was. Sure you can go back to the store but I was ready to rock my new jersey.

Speaking of Tom Brady jerseys it was good to see the man who stole his Super Bowl jersey was caught. In Mexico no less. It turns out this guy has been pulling this scam for years. He also stole Brady's Super Bowl XLIX jersey that he wore against the Seahawks and Von Miller's helmet from Super Bowl 50. What a guy. Not.

Remember, one does not simply steal Tom's jersey and get away with it! Glad dude was busted.

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