Thursday, March 2, 2017

Adrian Peterson or Jamaal Charles #FreeAgency

When it comes to signing a free agent running back this off season who do you like? Two big names out there of course are Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles. Both respectable backs who offer two different styles.

Peterson is more pure power back with speed whereas Charles is probably the more gifted all-around back. Peterson has more career yards and rushing TD's but Charles has more receiving yards and receiving TD's.

Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles

The price tag that comes with each player is going to be interesting. Not only is the dollar value trending down for running backs lately but these two have both broached 30 years of age which is, well, old for their position.

We know one team that is interested in Peterson and was before this year too. That of course being Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Very interesting scenario. Can you imagine Peterson the guy coming in to spell Zeke? Talk about a power run game.

The Eagles have reported interest in Jamaal Charles. The Broncos could be an interesting landing spot. Pairing Jamaal with C.J. Anderson could be the makings of a dynamic duo. John Elway has expressed that he likes to fill team needs in free agency but not sure if running back was one of the positions he was referring to.

At this stage of their careers who has more gas left in the tank? Who will take less money to join a winning team? I think both players are capable of making an impact somewhere. The question, is where?

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