Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Just Say No To Tony Romo

Tony Romo
Here's what I have to say to any NFL team interested in Tony Romo. Only get him on two conditions. If you can get him cheap (not likely) and use him as a backup. Whaaaaat? Yes, I just said backup.

Romo played one series in one game this season and looked fantastic. But I believe that was the Jerry Jones and the Cowboys giving the rest of the league one look at him so they might get tempted to believe Romo is back.

Is he? Just take a look at this snapshot. Click image below for a better look.

Tony Romo' Stats Last Two Seasons
Do you see that? Two seasons, 5 games, 125 attempts, 86 completions, 6 TD's and 7 INT's.

Are you going to pay $15-20 million a season for that kind of production? Are you going to also trade a draft pick if that's what the Cowboys want for him? Come on.

It's hard to believe that Romo has a full season, plus playoffs left in his system. There is hope, sure, maybe he does. But the thinking here is that if the offensive line, which has been really good in Dallas, couldn't help Tony stay on the field how is he going to last on another team?

The Broncos have two young quarterbacks both with potential. If you're trying to get Paxton Lynch up to speed and/or see if Trevor Siemian can take his game to the next level why bring in Romo when the only real way to develop a QB is with...reps! You need to play to get better in this league.

Jacksonville could make a play for Romo as they might be looking to transition away from Bortles but would Tony want to play there?

I would just say no to Romo but this is going to be interesting to see how his off season plays out because I'm sure he lands somewhere other than Dallas.

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