Thursday, February 23, 2017

iPhone Calendar Icon Missing: How To Get It Back

So you're native iPhone calendar icon went missing...or you deleted it. No worries, it's easy to get it back and you do not need to reset your phone.  📱

Open the App Store > search Calendar App > find the Apple Calendar app and install it. Viola!

If that doesn't work there is another way. Text yourself a date such as March 1.

Tap that date when you receive the text and you should be prompted to open it in the calendar. Do so. Since your calendar has presumably been removed it should ask to take you to the App Store. Do this then install the calendar app. It's that simple.

Apple Calendar App in the App Store

I have restored the calendar app on iPhones using both methods so I know that you do not need to reset your iPhone like some posts out there suggest. Have a nice day!

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