Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Preston's 2016 NFL Power Rankings

The NFL is back!! There are six pre-season games tomorrow night - finally! We can forget about the game that wasn't played this past Sunday, right. 

The field was not safe for the players we are told. 

So, on the brink of the first NFL action of the season, I will give you my power rankings.

1. New England Patriots (Belichick, Brady (12 games still), Gronk etc.)
2. Carolina Panthers (Still tough to beat)
3. Arizona Cardinals (Can they sustain success in the post-season?)
4. Denver Broncos (All world defense) * Defending Super Bowl Champions
5. Seattle Seahawks (See Carolina)
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (That offense though)
7. Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers)
8. Cincinnati Bengals (Not sold on Andy Dalton)
9. Minnesota Vikings (RAGNAR!)
10. Indianapolis Colts (Luck is back)
11. Kansas City Chiefs (Trying to crack the top 10)
12. Washington Redskins (Josh Norman)
13. New York Jets (Ryan Fitzpatrick is back...and that hair...and beard!)
14. Houston Texans (Brock Osweiller must prove himself)
15. Dallas Cowboys (Ezekiel Elliot)
16. Baltimore Ravens (Flacco misses Gary Kubiak)
17. Buffalo Bills (Rex Ryan has toned down the smack talk)
18. Oakland Raiders (Can Derrick Carr perform under pressure?)
19. Atlanta Falcons (Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman and...)
20. Philadelphia Eagles (Chip Kelly is gone #FlyEaglesFly)
21. New York Giants (They are Giants...from New York)
22. New Orleans Saints (Still have Drew Brees)
23. Miami Dolphins (Adam Gase)
24. Detroit Lions (We miss you Megatron)
25. Los Angeles Rams (Solid D and Todd Gurley)
26. Chicago Bears (Want Adam Gase back)
27. Tamp Bay Buccaneers (Year two with Jameis Winston, have Mike Evans)
28. Jacksonville Jaquars (Blake Bortles and offense gelling)
29.  Tennessee Titans (I like Marcus Mariotta)
30. San Diego Chargers (I just don't see how the compete in the AFC West)
31. San Francisco 49'ers (Chip Kelly's in town must see football!)
32. Cleveland Browns (LeBron James and the Cavs championship won't rub off)

What are your thoughts? Are you ready for some football!!!

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