Sunday, January 10, 2016

NFL Playoffs Divisional Round SMACK DOWN

I went 3-1 picking the NFL Wild-Card Playoff games this year and I beat my dad! He was 2-2 missing on the Bengals and Redskins. I had the Texans, Steelers, Seahawks and Packers winning, the Texans let me down, I should have known the Chiefs would win, but, oh well.

Ya, first NFL playoff shutout in 11 years. All the road teams won - I guess a first or something like that for a playoff weekend.

Now we're down to four games and eight teams and here are my picks!

AFC Divisional Round Playoff Games -

Chiefs @ Patriots: And the winner is.... New England. Forget their last meeting when KC won like 41-14 and Brady gets replaced by Jimmy G. no, not this time. This game is @ Gillette Stadium, this game has Brady getting best-bro/best-WR Julian Edelman back. This is Tom Brady's first game since #deflategate - he is going to play like a madman and the Chiefs will have no answer.

Steelers @ Broncos: Hey, I live in Denver, the Broncos win. THE BRONCOS WIN. Nuff said.

NFC Divisional Round Playoff Games -

Seahawks @ Panthers: Seattle. You know that. The Seahawks do what they do - win playoff games! Russell Wilson will find a way, Pete Carroll will navigate the team, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman WILL DO THEIR THING. Go Seahawks!

Packers @ Cardinals: Had the Packers beating the Redskins, don't have them beating the Cardinals. Carson Palmer and gang are primed to win this game. I won't rule Rodgers and co. out but I just can't pick them to win. Zona gets the job done and will host the Seahawks for the NFC Championship game.

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