Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mineplex - I Am Legend

One of the things I got this last Christmas was #LegendStatus on Mineplex server!!! Yes, I was pumped to get it (if you couldn't tell) and play it more than my parents would probably like, lol.

Here's one of the videos I made: Mineplex MPS Server With Friends! (One of my favorite games)

I use Bandicam to record and was playing on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I was thinking of making another video of my dad trying to play it (hilarious if you haven't seen the first time he tried Minecraft) but I'm sure he'll be like whaaaaat - a guns game! I thought this was a building game for kids etc.

If you know a cool Minecraft server to play on give me a shout out or drop a comment below.

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