Sunday, January 10, 2016

How To Remove A Security Tag - Tom Brady Jersey

So I bought this Tom Brady jersey and the store clerk didn't realize there was a security tag on it and didn't take it off!! What to do? Hmm...

I'll tell you what to do - burn it off! So that's what we did. You can see how to burn this type of security tag off in the video.

Now you're probably wondering what's a Seahawks fan from Denver doing getting a Tom Brady jersey! It's just because I collect and wear a variety of quarterback jerseys. I have Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning (Broncos and Colts), Tim Tebow (Broncos and Jets), Brett Favre, Jake Plummer and John Elway.

I've been playing QB in flag football for 5 seasons now. So far I've had 4 winning seasons and one undefeated season and I threw 4 touchdowns in our Super Bowl game.

If you saw my playoff picks then you know this weekend I picked the Texans (oops), Steelers (haha Bengals), Seahaws (of course) and Packers who are starting to get it down it's 11-10 Redskins as I type this.

Stay tuned...

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